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Secondary Academic Planning


Schedules for the full academic year are released to students at orientation the week before the start of school.  Changes may be requested during the first 5 days of school with the student’s counselor. Beyond that, schedule changes will only be considered at the recommendation of the student’s teacher.  With rare exception, there will be no schedule changes at the semester.

APA Course Catalogue can be found here: CLICK HERE

Academic Plans 

According to Nevada Revised Statute 388.165 and 388.205, development of an academic plan is required in grades 7, 8 and 9.  Generally this information is communicated with parents early in the school year, requiring students to identify educational goals.  This document must be signed by both student and parent. The plan is a typical progression, but changes may be made depending on individual student ability and performance.

Winterim Term 

Winterim is the three-week term following winter break. During this term, secondary students have the opportunity to select three courses in subject areas that are not normally addressed in the curriculum of their regular courses. By the end of the three-week term, students will have completed the equivalent to a quarter’s worth of curriculum.  Due to the shortened Winterim Term, secondary students will only receive one .25 elective credit for successfully completing all three courses. Some students may be placed in a math or English boot camp or a Character Development Scholar Academy, as determined by their teachers and administration. All students will attend a daily 3rd period Study Hall with stay-sharp work in math and Latin (if applicable).

Outside PE Credits 

High school students at APA may receive up to 1.0 PE credit by participating in a sport off campus. Each student is responsible for recording weekly athletic hours using the log linked here: CLICK HERE Copies may be made to account for all hours. Each page must be signed and dated by the student, parent and coach before submitting for credit.

AP Classes 

APA offers Advanced Placement courses in a variety of subjects.  Please check the current course catalogue for details regarding course offerings.  Students enrolled in AP can earn college credit by passing the final exam, which is administered in May, with a 3, 4, or 5.  More information about Advanced Placement can be found here: https://apstudent.collegeboard.org/home

College Preparation

The counseling department strives to provide an opportunity for every parent and student to meet one-on-one with a counselor each year at a College and Career Readiness appointment.  Information will be regularly communicated via email about scheduling these meetings throughout the year. Generally senior meetings will take place in the summer/early fall, junior meetings during fall semester, and sophomore and freshman meetings during spring semester.  

Typically students at American Prep exceed all credit requirements for graduation in the state of Nevada.  Available diploma types are Advanced Honors, Advanced, and Standard. Students may meet with a counselor to review the requirements for each type of diploma and their class schedule.  State of Nevada graduation requirements can be found here: http://www.doe.nv.gov/High_School_Graduation/

College Preparedness Links for Seniors:

APA offers a variety of programming to support students in determining their post-secondary plans.  In the fall, there is a College Fair, in the spring a Career Fair, and in May, seniors are invited to a Decision Day celebration and Senior Declaration Assembly.

Financial Aid

There are many opportunities to receive financial assistance towards the cost of college.  
In general, there are three types of financial aid:

  1. Government Aid FAFSA
    • Federal Student Aid, a part of the US Department of Education, is the largest provider of financial aid in the nation, helping millions of low income students pay for higher education who otherwise would not be able to pay for college.  This program provides grants, loans and work-study to students attending college or career school. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) opens on October 1 each year. Utilizing the tax return from the previous calendar year, families can complete this form during the fall of the student’s senior year.  Funding is allocated on a first come, first serve basis. The earlier you apply, the more money you may receive for school. In the spring, financial aid award letters are released to students from the colleges.
    • CLICK HERE to go to www.fafsa.gov
  2. Private Scholarships
  3. Institutional Financial Aid

Test Preparation

College readiness and grade level assessments typically occur in the spring.  

Please see our School Performance section for more information CLICK HERE.

For the most up-to-date details on what is expected for your child’s graduation, please see this link at the Nevada Department of Education:  http://www.doe.nv.gov/High_School_Graduation/

Jostens APA partners with Jostens for graduation attire and announcements.  A cap, gown, tassel and diploma cover will be ordered for each student at a fee of $50.  Please contact Lance Shoen at lance.shoen@jostens.com with questions. Seniors may apply for Honor Cords in a variety of subjects, to be worn at graduation.  

Official Transcripts APA utilizes Parchment for official transcripts for seniors.

Helpful Forms for Seniors:

  • Off Campus Waiver
    • Seniors have earned the privilege to serve as teacher’s aides and have early release upon approval of administration.
    • Please complete the Senior Off Campus Waiver Form 
  • Senior Timeline
    • Seniors may wish to utilize this calendar for planning purposes.
  • Guide to Graduation
    • Senior Parent Night is held during the first week of October each year, in order to communicate important details regarding graduation and planning for life after high school.
    • Guide to Graduation 2019