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ACT – American College Testing

All 11th graders in the state of Nevada take the ACT as part of their graduation requirements.  We hold an ACT boot camp at APA every year in early November, which is presented by Tutors Across America at a reduced rate to our students.  We also offer an ACT Prep class during the Winterim term. The statewide ACT typically takes place in February or March. Students may opt to retake the ACT at their own expense.  The test is generally offered ten times per year on Saturday at a local high school. APA does not administer the ACT, except during the state mandated test for 11th grade.  

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All links to ACT school results below come from the Nevada Report Card.

The Nevada Report Card is the accountability reporting website of the Nevada Department of Education. In compliance with federal and State law, it assists community members (parents, educators, researchers, lawmakers etc.) in locating a wealth of detailed information pertaining to K-12 public education in Nevada. Through the interactive Nevada Report Card website, you may access State, district and school level reports in three categories: “school and district information”, “assessment and accountability” and “fiscal and technology”.

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Virtually all colleges and universities will accept either an ACT or SAT score for admission.  Students are encouraged to research both tests to determine which may be a better fit for their skill set, and to take the test at least two or three times.  Fee waivers are available to students who qualify – please contact your counselor. Information about registration deadlines and additional test prep can be found at these links: