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APA-LV High School

American Prep High School Mission Statement

American Preparatory Academy High School provides an academically rigorous liberal arts education that prepares students for advanced study at the university level, thereby developing conscientious, confident citizens who think clearly, are effective proponents of those thoughts and are actively involved in the building and governing of society.

American Prep bases its education on two vital pillars: High academic rigor and character development. Our academic program is organized in a modified block schedule with 8 classes for 47-minute periods three days a week and four classes offered the remaining two days on a rotating block basis with 81-minute periods.

Grading & Curriculum

The GPA scale is a 4.0, unweighted calculation. A passing grade is a D, or 60%. The grades included in the GPA are all grades 9th-12th grade. All grades are recorded on the transcript and GPA may be computed at the end of each semester. American Prep does include class rank, which may be computed at the end of each semester. We have honors classes and advanced placement classes. These classes are weighted as .025 honors classes and .05 advanced placement. As we focus on high academic rigor, honors classes are the standard coursework. American Prep offers 18 honors classes in all of our core subjects. Students are not limited on the number of Honors courses they may take. American Prep offers 9 Advanced Placement (AP) courses for the 2019-2020 school year: US History, US Government & Politics, World History, English Language & Composition, Calculus AB & BC, Psychology, Computer Science Principles, and Biology. AP is an open-enrollment program and students are not limited to the amount of AP courses they can take.

The Character Development Ambassador program revolves around seven areas of focus: social graces, professional behavior, self-management skills, peer leadership experience, community service, civic awareness, and arts/cultural appreciation. These seven focuses are presented and reinforced through a combination of hands-on, high-energy workshops, service projects, leadership experiences, field trips, and culminating activities.

½ Credit = 1 Semester

Graduation Expectations
NV’s Minimum
Graduation Expectations
English 5 Credits 4 Credits
*Human Geography
*US History
*World History
4 Credits
*Human Geography (1 Credit)
*US History 
(1 Credit)
*World History 
(1 Credit)
(1 Credit)
3 Credits
*Geography or                                        World History  (1 Credit)
*US History 
(1 Credit)
*U.S. Government 
(1 Credit)
Science 4 Credits 2 Credits
Math 4 Credits 4 Credits
Latin 2 Credits
Physical Education 2 Credits 2 Credits
Health ½ Credit ½ Credit
Financial Literacy ½ Credit ½ Credit
Computers ½ Credit ½ Credit
Character Development 4 Credits
Electives 5 Credits 7 ½ Credits


Secondary Course Catalogue




  • 100% of the class of 2019 took the ACT one or more times.
  • The average composite score from the March 2018 ACT State Testing was 19.
Advanced Placement Results

  • In May 2018, 58 AP exams were taken in 6 Subjects
  • 34.4% of the AP Exams received scores of 3 or higher                                                                             

College attendance history
45% matriculated to a 4-year higher education institution
38% matriculated to a 2-year higher education institution.
6% pursuing military service.
10% pursuing religious service.


      College matriculation by APA graduates
  • Alabama Agricultural & Mechanical University
  • Brigham Young University Hawaii
  • Brigham Young University Provo
  • College of Southern Nevada
  • Dixie State University
  • Full Sail University
  • Lassen Community College
  • Northwest Career College
  • Northwest Medical Career College
  • Pima Medical Institute
  • Snow College
Southern Utah University 

  • Texas Southern University 

  • University of Nevada Las Vegas 

  • University of Nevada Reno 

  • University of Washington 

  • Utah State University 

  • Washington State University 

  • Wentworth College